Tommy LEE

Tommy Lee has qualification in both myotherapy and remedial massage.  Practices particularly in the area of chronic pain or discomfort related to muscular issues including increase joint mobility.  

Tommy has five years plus of practical hands-on experience in treating clients.  With his Asian background, he can perform in both a traditional and interactive contemporary way with a wide range of techniques such as:

– Low Level Laster Therapy
– Deep Tissue Massage

--  Myofascial Release

– Trigger Point Therapy  

– Joint Mobilisation  


– posture assessment   

-- Corrective Exercises  

-- Dry Needling                   

-- Cupping                         

He has extensive experience in the treatment of the following conditions:
– tension headache

– shoulder pain / discomfort 

– tennis / golf elbow

– thoracic outlet syndrome

– HIP stiffness

– piriformis syndrome

– lower back pain

– tight legs and foot pain.

He believes that combination treatment is essential and can prescribe home style correcting exercises for general clients and can adapt the techniques to suit each client.

Clients progress and satisfaction are essential for Tommy. It fulfils his passion for treating the patients as a health therapist and provides him with the motivation for further and more in-depth study and research.